Female caregiver with natural hair holding paper and pen sitting beside senior man

The Benefits of Hiring Sitters for Adults

As you age, many things you once took for granted become increasingly challenging, from performing basic tasks like bathing and grooming to leaving the house to socialize. Many older adults become homebound and socially isolated. They rely on loved ones to provide companionship and assistance. But family members may not always be available to offer […]

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Female caregiver wearing uniform assisting senior man on wheelchair at home

The Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

Caring for an ill or elderly family member is a huge undertaking. Family caregivers undergo a lot of stress on a daily basis and can easily become overwhelmed and burnt out. At Providence, we understand that caring for a loved one around the clock is often too demanding for families to handle alone, which is […]

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Senior man on wheel chair holding walking stick while talking to a male caregiver

Benefits of Transition Home Care

When your loved one is moving from one care setting to another, it’s natural to be concerned about their well-being. Transitioning between two locations can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when they leave the hospital or clinic to go home. Transition home care ensures your loved one’s needs are met throughout the transition.  What is […]

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Senior man lying on bed sleeping on nose tubing with young man beside

End-of-Life Care Tools to Help You and Your Family

Elderly or terminally ill people need end-of-life care. It can be a confusing and overwhelming time for the person receiving care and their family, but knowing what to expect and being prepared for each stage can help. This post reviews helpful end-of-life care tools to assist you through this challenging time. What is End-of-Life Care? […]

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Male caregiver assisting elderly man into a wheelchair

What is Considered Light Housekeeping for a Caregiver?

Have you been considering becoming a caregiver? If so, you’ve probably heard that light housekeeping would be a daily task. This post answers the question, “What is considered light housekeeping for a caregiver?” Overview of Light Housekeeping for In-Home Care When clients are ill, injured, or unwell, they can’t clean up their houses like they […]

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