Female caregiver combing hair of senior woman sitting

Assisting with Personal Care: Tips for Caregivers

Assisting with personal care, whether for a loved one or as a career choice, is demanding. But being a personal caregiver can also be extremely rewarding. The fulfillment of helping improve another person’s quality of life can far outweigh the challenges.  If you’re starting as a personal caregiver or simply looking to improve your skills, […]

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Senior woman of color with male caregiver with glasses outdoor doing exercise

5 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

As you get older, your strength, balance, and flexibility deteriorate. You also become more vulnerable to falls, injuries, and chronic age-related conditions. These factors can impact your ability to perform simple daily tasks and prevent you from living as independently as you would like.  The realities of aging are why many older adults turn to […]

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man of color caregiver with senior woman standing holding mug

Where Can I Get a Caregiver Certification?

Caregiving certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s a rewarding and fulfilling career when you’re passionate about helping others.  If you are pursuing a career as a caregiver or already working as one, becoming certified can help you provide the best care possible to your clients and significantly broaden your career possibilities.  But getting certified isn’t […]

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Female caregiver having tea with elderly woman

How to Become a Day Sitter for Elderly People

You may not realize how lonely many seniors are. With grown adult children who are busy, friends and spouses who may have passed away, and no activities to meet new people, 33% of seniors feel lonely. Socially isolated seniors are at a higher risk of health issues — including dementia, heart disease, and stroke — […]

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