Caring for an ill or elderly family member is a huge undertaking. Family caregivers undergo a lot of stress on a daily basis and can easily become overwhelmed and burnt out.

At Providence, we understand that caring for a loved one around the clock is often too demanding for families to handle alone, which is where in-home respite care comes in. As a family caregiver, having some extra support, even temporarily, can help improve the quality of life for you and your loved one.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver. It lets you take some well-deserved time off from looking after a sick or elderly family member while knowing your loved one is well cared for.

Respite care can occur within the home, at an adult day care center, or a residential care center (i.e., a temporary stay at an assisted living facility). 

In-home respite care is a popular choice because it enables your loved one to remain in their own home while continuing to receive proper care. Remaining at home gives them a greater sense of independence and comfort.

You can arrange respite care in the home for just a few hours or several days a week on an ongoing basis. It’s even available overnight when you’re away on vacation or a work trip.

Who is In-Home Respite Care For?

In-home respite care is suitable for adults who struggle to perform daily tasks independently and require regular assistance. It’s also for mostly homebound people who could benefit from regular companionship.

Most commonly, respite care is for:

  • Mentally or physically disabled people
  • Chronically ill individuals 
  • People recovering from serious injuries or surgery
  • Seniors 

Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

Looking after a sick or elderly loved one can feel like a full-time job; for some individuals, it is. Being responsible for another person’s well-being around the clock can be extremely taxing on your own physical and mental health. 

You may feel stressed, drained, and socially isolated, with little time to look after yourself. These things can eventually lead to burnout.

Even when several family members are responsible for looking after a loved one, problems can still arise. The division of labor is often lopsided, and arguments can arise from planning care schedules.

In-home respite care can help ease the daily burden of being a family caregiver. It gives your whole family some much-needed time to rest and recharge. In-home respite care can also have a host of benefits for your loved one.

Benefits of in-home respite care for a primary caregiver include:

  • Reduced Stress. Knowing a qualified caregiver is looking after your loved one can give you the peace of mind to take some time off for yourself.
  • Improved Mental Health. Having a better balance in your life will also greatly help improve your mental health as a full-time family caregiver.
  • Healthier Relationships. When caring for someone regularly, your patience and compassion may run thin. It can strain the relationship greatly and may even lead to resentment toward the person you care for or vice versa. But taking time away from each other can help keep the relationship healthy for you both.

Benefits of in-home respite care for those in need of care include:

  • Increased Stimulation. Having someone different providing in-home care can offer your loved one greater stimulation in their day and a welcome change of routine. That’s not to say they’re bored being around you, but everyone enjoys a little variety and exposure to other people occasionally.
  • Comfort and Familiarity. While the initial change may take a while to get used to, your loved one will eventually become comfortable and familiar with their caregivers. At Providence, we aim for our caregivers to feel like a part of your extended family. Not unwelcome guests in your home. 
  • Increased Independence. Having a team of people dedicated to their care and well-being will give your family member greater independence. They’ll be able to live their life as normally and comfortably as possible.

Services Offered by In-Home Respite Care Providers

Most in-home respite care providers offer various services, namely personal care and companionship. 

Depending on the qualification of the caregiver, they can perform slightly different tasks. For example, only a Registered Nurse (RN) can administer medication and clean wounds.

Providence uses highly-experienced Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) and Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs) to provide respite care. 

Our respite caregivers can assist with:

  • Activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming
  • Monitoring personal safety
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Feeding (unless the patient is fed through a tube, which a nurse must do)
  • Medication reminders and keeping records 
  • Lifting up to 25 pounds
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Running necessary errands
  • Care for a client confined to a bed
  • Companionship and mental/social stimulation

Signs Your Family Should Seek Respite Care for a Loved One

If you’re still uncertain whether your family could benefit from temporary respite care, below are some signs that you may need help.

Family Burnout

If you or other family members feel overwhelmed and exhausted from caring for a loved one, it may be time to enlist some help. 

Burnout isn’t beneficial to you or the person you are caring for and will only result in more significant stress in the future.

Lack of Time

Do you lack time to go to work, look after your loved one, run errands, and still have any time left for yourself? 

Respite care can help give you extra hours in your day and bring back some balance to your life.

Distance Issues

Distance is one of the most significant issues for many families caring for a loved one. 

If your family member doesn’t live close by, you may spend a good chunk of your day traveling back and forth to check on them. You might also be too far away to handle urgent requests or problems. 

Respite care can take away the burden of distance with local caregivers available around-the-clock.


Do you ever get annoyed or snap at your loved one? 

It’s not uncommon for family members to get irritable and easily agitated when spending long periods together, especially when one person takes on the role of primary caregiver. Caring for another person requires a lot of compromises and hard work.

But this irritability can put a considerable strain on your relationship in the long run. It may even result in one or both of you harvesting resentment toward each other.

Respite care can give you some much-needed time away from each other. You’ll return feeling recharged and happier to assist them. 


Caring for a sick or elderly person around-the-clock can leave an untrained family caregiver feeling mentally and emotionally drained. When you spend the majority of your time with just one person, it can also cause you to feel socially isolated. 

These factors can contribute to depression or other mental health issues. 

If you believe that being a family caregiver is harming your mental health, it may be time to consider respite care.

Feeling Unqualified

A final sign that your family may benefit from respite care is if you feel unqualified to provide adequate support for your loved one.

You may feel unable to provide the level of care your family member requires, especially if they suffer from a serious illness or a memory problem such as dementia.

Professional caregivers are trained and qualified to provide proper care. Many caregivers are also specialized in working with specific disabilities or illnesses. 

Having a certified caregiver around, who you can talk to and ask questions to, can greatly benefit yourself and your loved one.

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Our values include treating every person with dignity, respect, and compassion, operating with integrity, and serving our clients with excellence. So you can rest assured that your loved one will be in great hands.
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