As seniors age, running routine errands becomes increasingly difficult. Many seniors struggle to drive safely as they age due to issues like vision problems, delayed reaction times, or cognitive impairments. But these seniors still need access to necessities like food, medication, and toiletries. That’s why errand services exist.

Caregivers who provide errand services allow seniors to maintain their independence, continue living in their own homes, and avoid a care facility. Errand services help seniors thrive. 

What are Errand Services?

Providing errand services is when caregivers help seniors perform their routine errands or do the errands for them. Errand services help seniors live their lives as usual.

Errand services typically include: 

  • Grocery shopping
  • Accompanying seniors to appointments at doctor’s offices and hair salon and on recreational activities to places like restaurants or movie theaters
  • Picking up and delivering medications
  • Picking up and dropping off mail or packages
  • Delivering dry cleaning
  • Dropping off meals 

Beyond errands, these services also include transportation. Whether the senior needs to attend an important doctor’s appointment or a social event, errand services help them arrive at their destination safely. They can do the things they would normally do without driving. 

Errand services help seniors live an independent, fulfilling life as they age.

The Positive Impact of Errand Services for Seniors

Have you been thinking about getting a caregiver to run errands for yourself or your loved one? If you have, you should know you’ll be making a positive impact. 

Ways errand services help seniors and their families:

  • Removes the Risk of Driving. Providing errand services takes seniors off the road, so they’re no longer a risk to themselves or anyone else. 
  • Prevents Injury. Errand services prevent injuries by getting seniors off the road and handling physically challenging tasks, such as carrying heavy groceries.
  • No Getting Lost. When seniors age, confusion makes driving a daily struggle. They will often get lost, even when driving to a place they’re familiar with. Errand services remove the risk of seniors getting lost.
  • Peace of Mind. When you rely on errand services for yourself or a loved one, your entire family will benefit from peace of mind. There’s no more worrying about the senior, but comfort in knowing they’re okay.
  • Frees Up Time. Errand services give seniors extra time, which they can use to cook a healthy meal, get some cleaning done, or take a walk. Plus, if the senior’s family was doing a lot of the work, errand services also free up time for them. 
  • Companionship. Loneliness is a huge problem for seniors, and it can negatively impact them mentally and physically. By being there for them, talking to them, and being their friend, caregivers who provide errand services positively impact the lives of seniors. 

Errand services provide many benefits to seniors and their families. But how do you know when to hire an errand service? 

When Seniors May Need Errand Services

When a senior needs errand services really depends on them and their unique situation. But some tell-tale signs indicate it is time to hire errand services for a senior. 

Signs it’s time to seek help include: 

  • The senior has had a consistent, noticeable decline in independent functioning 
  • You’re noticing the senior has new challenges getting around, such as more car dings and dents or falls
  • You think the senior could benefit from extra support
  • The senior has limited mobility

If you’re looking at these signs and recognizing them in yourself or your loved one, it may be time to start considering errand services. 

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing the right errand service provider may seem challenging and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Tips for finding a provider that’s right for you:

  • Perform Online Research. Look for reviews and customer testimonials online. These can give you great insight into errand service providers and how they treat their clients. 
  • Ask a Trusted Friend. If you have a friend who has experienced finding an errand service provider for themself or their loved one, they’re a perfect person to ask. 
  • Ask a Primary Care Physician. Your physician likely knows the best errand service providers in your area. Ask them for a recommendation.
  • Consider Cost and Availability. Make a list of your favorite errand service providers in your area, plus all the recommendations you get. Then, go through and compare them based on cost and availability. Of course, you don’t want to overpay for these services, but you also need availability and reliability for you and your family. 
  • Decide on a Compatible Caregiver. The caregiver you choose should be compassionate, kind, and empathetic. They also should naturally get along with you or your loved one. You can find out this information through interviews and conversations. Make sure the caregiver is compatible with your family.

We Have the Help You Need

At Providence Home Care, we focus on hiring compassionate caregivers who treat everyone with dignity and respect. If you’re in central Oklahoma, we have the help you need to provide a positive outcome for your family. Contact us today to get additional help, including errand services.

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